Textbroker: The Best Content Mill

Now that you know a bit about content mills, you’re probably interested in learning more about the different ones out there and which one you should get started with. Although I’ve written for numerous content mills over the years, the one that I’ve personally experienced the most success with is Textbroker. That’s why I took the liberty of naming Textbroker as the best content mill out there, although I’m sure there are other freelancers out there who will beg to differ. For me, though, this is the best writing platform for those who want to earn a steady income from freelance writing.

My Story

Textbroker was the first content mill that I ever joined. I happened upon it back in 2007 when I was in my freshman year of college. Although I had a scholarship that allowed me a bit of extra money to live on throughout the academic year after my tuition was paid, like most college students, I yearned for a bit more extra spending money. I knew that I didn’t have time to devote to a physical job, so I took my job hunt to the World Wide Web.

I stumbled upon Textbroker quite by accident. You see, I was looking for something easy like a data entry job. (Back then, I didn’t really know what data entry was. I thought this meant that I would simply be typing information into an online data form and getting paid tons of money to do it. Haha. Ah, the naivety of youth.) After clicking on all the data entry links that popped up in the search engines only to be redirected to pages that wanted to scam me out of money, I became frustrated. I finally began to search for ways to make money online by writing rather than by data entry, and, lo and behold, this site called Textbroker popped up in the search results.

I quickly read what the site was about and thought, “What the heck?” and submitted my application. The application process was super easy. It merely consisted of filling out a form asking for a bit of basic information and submitting a short writing sample. Back then, you were able to submit a writing sample of anything that you wanted, and I submitted an essay that I had used to get accepted into college entitled How to Write a Five Paragraph Essay.

Within a couple of days, I’d received my acceptance email and a welcome package from Textbroker delivered right to the email address I’d provided them. I was delighted to see that I’d been assigned an initial star rating of 4 (the highest you can get is 5, but nobody scores 5 initially, and you’ll understand why later when I explain Textbroker’s rating system). From that moment onward, I was granted access to Textbroker’s writing platform where I could see all the available orders and select the ones that I wanted to write. I’ve been working at Textbroker on and off ever since.

From Part-Time to Full-Time

At first, Textbroker is somewhere I just worked sporadically. Then, I didn’t work there at all (very rarely at least; I logged in maybe once a year) when I was involved in working for a company called Demand Studios. (Now it’s known as Demand Media, and it’s nothing to what it once was. A crying shame to be sure, but we’ll talk more about Demand Studios in another blog post.) Once my work at Demand Studios began to fizzle out, then I found myself once again turning to Textbroker, and there I’ve stayed ever since. True, I do occasionally write for other content mills, and I’ve amassed a nice following of private clients that I serve directly. It’s kind of interesting that the first writing platform I ever wrote for is the one that ended up standing the test of time.

Textbroker is the place where I made my living for many years (and I still write there), so it can be done. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t make a living from freelance writing because you can. Textbroker is the content mill that allowed me to do so, and in the upcoming blogs, I’ll be providing you with insider advice and tips on how you can make a living working on Textbroker too. If you have enough determination, willpower and know-how, you can made a modest salary with Textbroker and lead a comfortable life. Plus, since I’ll be providing you with all the information you need to know to do things first the right time you won’t have to go through the learning periods that I did.

Check out Getting Started with Textbroker: Registering as an Author to begin the process of becoming a Textbroker author.

So You Want to Be a Freelance Writer?: Debunking the Myths


While freelance writing might sound like this amazing and freeing job (and it is to an extent) to those who’ve never done it, there’s actually much more to freelancing than appears on the surface. Just as the meme above shows, freelancing doesn’t typically consist of the luxurious writing habits that many people think it does. In short, freelancing is just like any other type of job: you get out of it what you put into it.

The Reality Behind the Glitz and Glamour

Now this isn’t to say that you can’t enjoy freelance writing on the beach while sipping a mai tai or pina colada. However, as someone who’s actually tried this, I can personally vouch that writing on the beach over a couple of drinks is much more romantic in theory than it is in execution. Not only does sand from the beach get in your keys (especially on those windy days when the sand’s being blow in every direction), but the sun tends to glare on your computer screen, and you’re likely to get a sunburn. Not to mention that if you have too many alcoholic beverages, you likely won’t feel like working anymore. Haha.

But wait, you say. Aren’t you supposed to be telling us how great freelancing writing is so that we’ll want to do it too? After all, this blog is supposed to help us become freelance writers, right? 

Yes, the intent of this blog is to help you learn insider tips and tricks to help you succeed at freelance writing, but before I get into all that, I think it’s more important to debunk many of the myths surrounding freelance writing. In short: it’s not the glamorous profession that it’s made out to be.

Commitment is Key to Success

Sure, you can certainly enjoy the benefits of being your own boss, traveling wherever you want to, writing wherever and whenever you want to and so on. However, I always find it so important to stress to new writers wanting to break into freelance writing that freelance writing is a commitment. Just like you can’t expect to get paid for a 40-hour work week at a factory without trudging in to work and putting in all 40 of your hours, so can’t you expect to make tons of money from freelance writing unless you’re willing to put in the work (at least not at first, but we’ll get into that much later on).

To be a successful freelance writer, I personally believe that it’s extremely important for you to actually enjoy writing. If you hate writing (or perhaps don’t hate it but quickly tire of it), then freelance writing probably isn’t the profession for you since it requires a LOT of writing. If the primary reason you want to break into freelancing is because you harbor hopes of it being a “get rich quick scheme,” then the sad truth of the matter is that you shouldn’t waste your time.

I love writing. I always have. Furthermore, I love being able to work from home and work on my own terms, but the keyword in the aforementioned statement is work. Freelance writing is work, even if you enjoy writing. You might not always get to write about the topics that you love (at first anyways). However, if you’re willing to put in the time and effort, you can certainly be rewarded with a liberating and successful career.

Now that you know that freelance writing isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be on television and elsewhere, if you’re still interested in learning more, continue onward to the next blog.