Scheduling God In

In today’s busy world, it can be difficult to manage our time. There are only so many hours in a day, and it’s oftentimes hard to find time to do all the things that we want to do while still seeing to our responsibilities. That’s when prioritization comes in.

Priorities Affect Scheduling

Because we have limited time, we must pick and choose what takes precedence. Those of us who have to work usually prioritize that first. We must get up every morning and go to work. Those who have certain medications to take make it a priority to schedule time for taking them. Parents who have to see their children off to school make sure they schedule time for that. The list of responsibilities goes on.

Time Management Requires Sacrifice

I am not always the best person at managing my time. There are so many books I want to read that I haven’t gotten around to yet. I have unopened DVDs with the plastic still on them waiting to be watched. I have videos that friends have sent me that I still haven’t found time to watch. I have so many unwritten story ideas sitting in the Notes app on my iPhone. I have craft supplies that I bought and haven’t gotten a chance to use yet. However, there is a reason for that. I haven’t scheduled time for those activities yet because there are other ones that take precedence over them. I usually have some days where I  have some down time, and then I’ll pick some of these extracurricular activities to engage in on those days.

Yesterday’s InTouch devotion really struck home with me on making time for God.


God has allotted us 24 hours in a day. It is up to us to prioritize time to spend with Him each day because each day is a gift from Him. He understands our physical limitations in that we need sleep, food, shelter and so on because He made us. If it wasn’t possible for us to do everything that we need to do and still  have time for Him in 24 hours, then I believe He would have given us more time.

Scheduling Time for God is a Responsibility

I’ve always been bad about not reading the Bible every day, and the reason why was because I wasn’t making it a priority and scheduling time for it. I was placing it at the end like it was an extracurricular activity, an elective, when really I should have been treating it like what it should be: a responsibility.

When you come to think of reading the Bible and praying as responsibilities, it will help you schedule time for them. There are certain activities that you make sure you do every day. Add these to those, and then you’ll begin to grow closer to God and stay closer to Him.

The way that I scheduled Bible reading in is by adding it to my morning wakeup routine. I always have to have cup of coffee in the morning. I usually check emails and scroll through Facebook a bit while sipping my coffee. I also write my Poem of the Day (usually every morning…I’ve missed a few lately). I made a conscious decision to add Bible reading/devotional reading and morning prayers to my routine, and I cannot tell you how much it has helped me. I cut back on the amount of time spent scrolling through Facebook, and I do my reading and prayers before I do my poem writing or anything else. It helps me start my day out right and apply what I’ve read to that day.

However, everyone’s schedule is different. You might not be able or willing to schedule extra time in the morning for Bible reading. Maybe your time would be better at night right before you go to bed, during a break at work or even when you get home from work. It doesn’t matter when you do it, so long as you do it.

Multitasking is great skill for when you don’t have any empty time slots. Read while you’re eating lunch, while you’re taking a bath, while you’re walking or whenever. Even reading just a couple of scriptures and meditating on them throughout the day can make a huge difference in your outlook on life.

Pencil God into your day. It’s a responsibility that we should prioritize as much as (actually even more so) than work.

Do you have a dedicated Bible reading time? Please feel free to share how you schedule God into your day in the comments section below.


Thankful Thursday: I’m Thankful for My Job

This week I am thankful for my job. God has blessed me tremendously by making it so that I can work from home and set my own schedule. I don’t have to worry about losing my job since I’m my own boss, and I can work around family emergencies and obligations as I see fit.

Granted, my job is not always the easiest one out there. It takes dedication and determination to stay on task, but with God’s help, I can make a living and have all my needs met by working with the skills that He gave me.

It doesn’t matter what type of job you have. You should thank God for it because He is ultimately the one who gave it to you in order to meet your needs. No matter what you do, do it as if you’re doing it for God only, and watch how it changes your outlook on your job.