Thankful Thursday: I’m Thankful for My Best Friend

Today I’d like to express my thanks for my best friend. Those of you who know me probably expect me to list my best friend as my childhood bestie or my mother. Indeed, I had a childhood best friend, and as I got older, my mother came to be my best friend. I also have a couple of very good friends who live far away from me who I consider besties now.

Yet there is another best friend I came to have, and He takes precedence over all the others (even my mother). On December 3rd, 2014, I met my truest best friend: Jesus.

While other best friends can fail you and come short, Jesus never will. He is the best friend I never have to worry about not being there for me.

Try as they might, sometimes our most well-intentioned friends simply cannot be there for us. Then there are those friends who are only our besties when times are good and who tend to take a step back when the going gets rough, or they’re only our besties as much as it benefits them.

Jesus is not like that. He is there with us through the thick and the thin, the good and the bad. He’s ALWAYS there. He’s not a fickle, fair-weather friend who will leave you in times of trouble when you need him most. In fact, I know that during the roughest times of my life when all others had seemed to forsake me, He was there even though I didn’t know it. It is only because He was such a good friend and never gave up on me that I am here today. And when I finally acknowledged His presence and met Him, He greeted me with open arms.

You don’t have to wait for Him to arrive because he’s always by your side. You are never truly alone. He’s always there to talk to. That’s kind of amazing to think about, and I just want to thank Him for everything that He has done to protect me. I am thankful that He watches over me and that He is always there whenever I need someone to talk to.

Who is your best friend? I hope it is Jesus. Unlike earthly friends who can only handle one or two best friends, Jesus can be a best friend to all. Of course, I think we can still have our earthly besties, but Jesus should be our number one.

What are your thoughts?