Sample Saturday: In The Eye of The Beholder

For those of you looking for a phantastic Phantom read, check out Sharon E. Cathcart’s book. Below is a sample to give you an idea of her writing style. Concise and full of rich imagery.

Sharon E. Cathcart

25908261I looked longingly at a window display: a beautiful evening gown in sapphire moiré bengaline with a deep bertha neckline. I lifted its hem and examined the stitching, wishing I had use for such a piece. Not only was the price out of my reach, but I had no opportunity for dining out or attending the theatre. I sighed wistfully and returned to the carriage with my small package of ribbon, stockings, and so on.

“I saw you admire the gown in the window,” Erik’s voice came from the darkened carriage; he had drawn the curtains lest he be seen. When I closed the door after entering, there was no light at all.

“It is beautiful,” I admitted. “But I’ve no need for a dress of that nature; I haven’t the opportunities to wear such a gown.”

“You like beautiful things,” he whispered.

“Of course,” I responded in surprise. “Most…

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