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D is for Daily Devotions

Part of being an active Christian involves actively seeking out God. How do you do that? By praying and reading the Bible.

Something that I like to do daily is read a devotion. A devotion (in the sense that we are using the term) is really just any kind of reading that pertains to the Bible or the Christian faith. I have found that reading a couple of devotions a day helps me have a more positive outlook throughout my entire day. I like to read my daily devotions in the morning, but if you’re not a morning person or don’t have time to read them in the morning, you can do so on a lunch break, right before bed or at whatever other time is convenient for you.

What do you read for devotions?

Bible Scriptures

Well, first off, I read some snippet of Bible scripture. At current, I am doing Christian Resource Project’s 2019 Challenge. (Click the link to get your printable copy.) Every day when I read the scripture for that day, I cross it off, as you can see. I chose a malleable paperback Bible that’d I’d gotten for free from InTouch Ministries to complete this challenge in. I highlight whatever the verse for the day is. If it’s multiple verses, I highlight all of them or just the ones that stood out to me most.

InTouch Magazine

I also read the InTouch daily devotions that Dr. Charles Stanley publishes. I love the way his devotions are short and to the point, and there’s even a little space for notes underneath. I usually try to jot down a thought or two that I can look back on later. I like to keep my InTouch magazines on my bookshelf so that I look back at some of my notes later on if I need to. You can subscribe to the print or digital version of InTouch magazine online. If you get the digital version, it’s be delivered right to your email every morning. I prefer the printed copies, but if you don’t have the space or don’t want any additional clutter throughout your home, you might prefer the digital.

Whispers of Hope

I also have a lovely daily devotion book that one of my dearest friends sent me for my birthday last year. Like InTouch’s daily devotions, this book consists of short, one-page devotions that say a lot. I like the way this book uses practical examples of applications of biblical teachings.

These are the three types of daily devotions that I do. You don’t necessarily have to do all three. Maybe just reading a bit of scripture is sufficient for you. I tend to have a thirst for knowledge and studying. Ever a student, I love to learn, and this was a feasible, manageable way for me to learn and grow in faith in little steps every day.

What about you? What types of daily devotions do you do?

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