Handling God’s Word Accurately

Just like with any other book, the Bible must be read in the right context. It can be easy to pick one scripture and apply it wrongly. Usually, if you’ll read the surrounding scriptures or chapters, you’ll be able to able to discern the true meaning of a verse—what it’s talking about, the context it’s used in. Maybe you have trouble understanding the Bible in general. I think we all do from time to time, but it’s important that we don’t give up. Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal God’s Word to you. You’ll be amazed just how much He’ll reveal to you.


The Bible is an amazing book because it is God’s words given to mankind in written form. Yet many people misinterpret it. Instead of diligently studying Scripture to discover what God means and how He wants us to live, some people search the Bible to find passages to support their preconceived ideas or preferred lifestyles.

Today’s passage was written to a young pastor named Timothy. Of all the duties a pastor has, the central one is to present the Word of God accurately to the church. But that doesn’t mean nobody else can—knowing how to properly interpret the Bible is a skill every believer should develop. Consider the diligence of the Bereans, who were commended for examining Scripture regularly to gauge the truth of messages preached to them (Acts 17:10-11).

We aren’t free to interpret the Bible any way we want. The goal is to discover what God meant rather than to find a meaning we like. Remember, it’s our Father’s approval we are seeking—not our own or that of others. Therefore, let’s devote time to studying Scripture, use our resources to learn about context, and ask the Holy Spirit to guide us to the truth.

Daily Devotions

Vision Without Boundaries

As followers of Christ, we all have a job to do. We’re to share the good news of Jesus and what He’s done for us with the world. I admit it. Sometimes I fall lax in this area. It can be too easy to get caught up with the world and daily life. Let’s endeavor to be beacons of light for God and let Him use us to accomplish His will. What greater purpose in life is there than that?


Before ascending to heaven, Jesus told His followers to tell all nations about Him. However, many of us aren’t working to fulfill this Great Commission—at least not fervently and purposefully. What might be holding us back? 

Sometimes self-preserving barriers, such as fear, are the reason. For instance, if evangelizing means traveling overseas, we might be concerned about safety or how family and friends will react to our decision. We also might worry about how people will respond to our message.

Another hindrance might be conditional obedience—in other words, when we respond to God’s call but with our own modifications. Instead of being willing to serve where God wants for as long as He wants, we might think, That’s too much money or That’s too much time. We end up settling for something less than what God intended and fail to fully carry out our role in the Great Commission. 

There are many obstacles that can keep us from telling people the good news of the gospel. But when we’re willing to tear those barriers down, we’ll be amazed at what God can accomplish through us. Are you passionately sharing the gospel? If not, ask God to show you what stands in your way. Then pray for forgiveness, and refocus on your part in the mission Jesus gave us all.

Daily Devotions

God’s Word Will Stand Forever

I’m sitting here drinking some Passion TAZO tea after a long day of editing. I finally cleared the last order from my queue (for now—I could get more work assigned before the night’s over with).

I find myself reflecting on God’s goodness. How things come and go, but His word stands forever.

I remember back in my college days, MySpace was the big thing. Now, it’s Facebook, Twitter and Intsagram. I just left all the sites, and who knows? Something bigger could phase them out one day too. (They’ve already lost their appeal to me, so I’ve retreated here into my own world with all of you.)

I’m only 32 years old, but I’ve already seen so much come and go. I remember cassette tapes, VHS tapes, boomboxes, the BIG stereos and CDs.

But no matter what comes and goes, God’s word shall stand forever.

This tea is seriously super yummy! How many of y’all are tea drinkers? This has a robust flavor. It can be a bit tart, but I add a bit of honey to mine, and it sweetens it right up.

W is for Worship

As Christians, we’re supposed to worship God. Contrary to popular belief, just going to church isn’t necessarily worship. We worship God when we engage with Him and adore him. Kneeling, bowing down and blessing God are ways to worship Him. Thanking him for what’s He’s already done and will do is another way. Singing praises and music unto him is yet another.

The Bible frequently instructs us to worship God, and we can do so both vocally and silently.

Blogging A to Z Challenge: W

I is for Incarnate

We oftentimes hear the term incarnate in reference to Jesus Christ. (e.g. Jesus Christ is God incarnate.)

Incarnate simply means “embodied in flesh, or in human form.”

Although the term incarnate doesn’t appear in the Bible, it is clear in 1 Timothy and elsewhere that the term applies.

Incarnate is the adjective form of incarnation.
1 Timothy 3:16 KJV

What other verses indicate that Jesus was God incarnate? Feel free to post them below.

Blogging A to Z Challenge: I