Daily Reading: Right Relationships

As many of you know, I’ve undertaken the challenge to read Dr. Stanley’s daily devotionals every day, and this is the topic of today’s devotion.


While I don’t make it a point to blog about each day’s devotion, I thought I would take the time to do this one because it really hit home for me.

If only I had read this years ago and asked myself these questions with previous relationships…

Basically, what I glean from this is that if the person you’re in a relationship with (whether it is a friendship, platonic relationship or a romantic one) doesn’t meet the conditions listed above in italics, then it’s probably not a relationship that God wants you to pursue.

I’ve been in relationships before where the other party bristled at the mere mention of God, much less wanted to support me in any endeavors of faith. If you feel like you can’t share your faith with the person that you’re friends with or in a romantic relationship with, then what kind of relationship can you have?

I wish I’d asked myself that back then. However, sometimes in our desperation to save a relationship, we’ll bend to the other party’s wishes and actually continue on with a relationship that God would rather us depart from because it’s affecting our faith in a negative way. We’ll dim our lights by choosing not to talk about God or faith so as not to offend the other person or cause him or her to move away from us.

Likewise, if you are in a relationship with someone, and tension and strife always seem to exist between you, then the relationship can’t be healthy. Breaking away from the wrong types of relationships can be hard, and doing so doesn’t mean that you no longer care about the other person, but in the end, you’ll be so much happier in your faith when you do so. Trust me. I know. 

…choose the right relationships…without them, we will be unable to accomplish much in life.

That quote in particular resonated with me because I can remember a time in my life when I was in the wrong relationships, and it seemed I couldn’t accomplish anything. Everything I did seemed to backfire in my face, and I certainly was not happy. In fact, things progressively got worse and worse until I was forced to make a choice. Only when I got rid of the wrong relationships and went back to the right ones did I begin to see an improvement in my life. You’ll know the right relationships when you find them, too, because they are the people who will be there for you no matter what. They will encourage you, support you and greet you like the prodigal son when you stray from them and then return.

As far as the other party of a wrong relationship goes, all you can do is pray for him or her, and maybe one day if he or she comes to accept Christ as you have, then your paths will cross again, and you can cultivate a healthy relationship. Until then, you must move on.