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Phantom Phriday – Bradley J. Parrish Paintings

Okay, so I realized that I need to be more active on this blog, so I thought I’d start something called Phantom Phriday where I’ll post something having to do with Phantom of the Opera every Friday. It might be a feature of an artist or something else, but it’ll be Phantom related, and it’ll come every Friday (ideally, of course, since realistically there might be some days I can’t get to it).

To start off with, I thought I’d include a gallery of some of Bradley J. Parrish’s Phantom of the Opera paintings. I absolutely love his work. The only gripe I have is that his Christine seems much older than the character really was. Other than that, though, his style of painting is superb.

Enjoy the slideshow of his gallery below, and to learn more about each painting, check out his official website at Parrish Fine Art.

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