Signed Books


If you’d like to purchase a signed copy of one of my books, then payment arrangements can be made with me directly. Please click the Contact link here or from the main menu to place your order.

Prices for signed copies are as follows:

Of Love and Violence – $18

Of Love and Family – $18

Of Love and Deception – $18

Phantom Poetry – $16

Maiden’s Blush – $18

*Additional fees apply for international shipping.*

*Please note that I only charge extra for signed copies due to additional shipping and handling.*

Shipping time will vary based on your location, but you can generally expect your order to arrive via USPS 5–7 days after placing it.

*****If you already have a copy of one of my books and want to send it to me for signing, please contact me at the above link. The price to get a book you currently own signed is $3. (Please note that you will have to pay your initial shipping cost as well to ship the book to me for signing.) *****