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…“Maiden’s Blush” was a delight to read, and will be enjoyed by non-Christians and Christians alike. Anyone who wants to understand the internal struggle between passion and reality, right and wrong, cleanliness and sin, all while considering the importance of accepting God’s love, not romantic love itself, as part of our core happiness.

-Jessica Woken

Writer/Editor, Mountain Owl Ink, LLC

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“Maiden’s Blush” by Kayla Lowe is an entertaining, worthy read. The characters—each of them refined, spunky, and smart—ooze charm. The plot is delicately fabricated, interwoven with small intricacies that invite you into the scenes with detailed descriptions and entertaining character interaction.

The action starts abruptly, a good “movie scene” beginning to a promising story, with a gripping first line:

Terror filled her as she ran, stumbling across the snowy terrain.”

This line sets the tone, immediately building the reader’s anxiety over a huge problem—and moral conflict—that needs rectifying. And fast.

Enter our hero: Jack. Young, rich, and with his moral compass pointed in the right direction, we soon come to realize he needs saving as much as poor Katrina does.

It’s a stage set for romance novel perfection.

While Katrina’s unfortunate circumstance is the starting point to the story, it’s really Jack who drives the book’s tension. The root of the plot isn’t the girl, but Jack and his struggle as a Christian man trying to manage his growing passion for Katrina. Lowe craftily draws us into Jack’s mind and heart as he interacts with his houseguest, and we suffer with him as he battles the temptations of lust and fights off the selfishness-sin of emotional isolation, a sin that goes against God’s intention for humans to develop spiritually intimate, romantic relationships with another person, relationships that build upon our understanding of His love and passion for us.

Lowe also cleverly weaves “The Phantom of the Opera” into her tale, adding more depth to the story. As Jack and his best friend, Eric, compete for Katrina’s attention, the tension thickens into a nail-biting rivalry, leaving the reader to wonder how—just HOW?—will Lowe cleanly tie this one off?

-Jessica Woken

Writer/Editor, Mountain Owl Ink, LLC

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