Phantom of the Opera 30-Day Challenge – Day 24

Today is Day 24 of the 30-Day Phantom of the Opera Challenge.

Favorite Phantom-related YouTube Video

If you’ve been in the Phandom very long, then you’ve probably heard of Phan videos. These are basically just Phan-made videos were Phans have taken a song and edited scenes from The Phantom of the Opera to fit the song. My favorite Phantom-related YouTube video is a Phan video that’s set to Hayley Westenra’s Dark Waltz. Not only do I just love the song, I think the video is edited beautifully to go with the words. Check it out below.

What’s your favorite Phantom-related YouTube video?

Phantom of the Opera 30-Day Challenge – Day 23

It’s Day 23 of the 30-Day Phantom of the Opera Challenge! Today’s topic is easy and fun!

Favorite Phantom GIF

For those of you who don’t know, a GIF is an animated image that moves. There’s been a LOT of wonderful Phantom GIFs made over the years. If I have to choose a favorite one, though, I will go with this one: GIPHY

One of my favorite things about Gerry’s Phantom portrayal is the famous cape swirl, and this GIF captures that perfectly.

What is your favorite Phantom GIF?

#Valentine #eBook #Bargain – Seen Through the Phantom’s Eyes

For all my phriends who haven’t read Sharon’s novels yet, now is the perfect time to do so. Check out her Valentine’s week special! You can get three Phantom books for less than the price of one in her Omnibus edition! (which is marvelous, by the way).

Sharon E. Cathcart

PrintHello, everyone.  For Valentine’s Day and Mardi Gras week, I’m offering the eBook version of my omnibus, Seen Through the Phantom’s Eyes, for $2.50 USD with coupon at Smashwords.  For less than the price of one of the novels, you’ll get In The Eye of The Beholder, In The Eye of The Storm (Silver Medal, Global eBook Awards), and Through the Opera Glass (Runner-up, eFestival of Words), as well as historical notes and glossaries created just for this book.

Just visit the link below, enter coupon WF95F at check-out, select the format that suits your reader, and enjoy!

Seen Through the Phantom’s Eyes

This coupon expires February 17, 2018, so be sure to take advantage.

Thanks, as always, for reading.

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Phantom of the Opera 30-Day Challenge – Day 22

Today is Day 22 of the 30-Day Phantom of the Opera Challenge! (Okay, well if you’ve been loyally following my blog, then you’ll notice that I missed yesterday. I admit it. I forgot to post yesterday. I’m sorry! *sheepish* I can’t believe I forgot our Phantom, but yesterday was such a whirlwind! I hope y’all will forgive me. Anyway, so I’m calling today Day 22. *ahem* Yes, Day 22.) Let’s be on with it, shall we?

Favorite Interview of Cast Members

Oh, gosh, this is difficult for me simply because I didn’t watch many interviews of the cast members. I know! I know! It’s horrible of me as a Phan to not watch everything I can find about Phantom, but I stay busy with writing and lots of stuff, you know?

If I have to choose one, though, I’ll pick this one simply because it was one of the interviews I actually did watch. I like learning how Gerry felt about preparing for the role and all. I bet it was a HUGE amount of pressure considering all the greats who have played the role before him on the stage and the fact that he’d never had any formal singing experience.

So what’s your favorite interview of the cast members?

Phantom of the Opera 30-Day Challenge – Day 21

Today is Day 21 of the 30-Day Phantom of the Opera Challenge!

Favorite Part of the 2004 Movie

My favorite part of the 2004 movie, without a doubt, is the Journey to the Lair. I love when we get that first glimpse of the Phantom and his lair. When she places his hand in hers and leads her into his subterranean domain, it’s just so magical. I love the music and the ambiance with all the flickering candelabras.

To watch the scene I’m talking about, click the clip below.

What’s your favorite part of the 2004 movie?

Phantom of the Opera 30-Day Challenge – Day 20

Today is Day 20 of the 30-Day Phantom of the Opera Challenge! Only 10 more days to go, so if you’ve hung in there this long, we’re nearing the finish line!

Opinion of 2004 Movie

This is a question that oftentimes ruffles many Phans’ feathers. Some people love the movie; others hate it. I am one of those who loves it. However, I respect other people’s rights to hate it.

Part of why I love the 2004 movie is because that’s how I was introduced to Phantom. Had it not been the film, I might not have ever known about the book, musical and then all the other adaptations. However, I can easily see how people who saw the musical first or read the book first might have been disappointed in the movie simply because it wasn’t what they were used to.

I love the grandeur of the move. The opulent set! Gold statues, lavish costumes, shining jewelry! It was a feast for the eyes!

As for the singing…

I loved it too. At the time, I wasn’t acquainted with much operatic or musical styles of singing. I was girl from the 90s who listed to boy bands like NSYNC. I think I needed the “toned down” version of Phantom to serve as that stepping stone to the operatic/musical world. Back then, I might not have liked the movie as much if everyone in it sang with the same operatic tone as Carlotta did. And I think the directors of the movie realized that. They wanted to make the movie appeal to mainstream audiences too – not just lovers of musicals – and that’s why I think Emmy and Gerard’s voices were perfect for the movie.

I like that Emmy sounds young because Christine supposedly was young. Christine was estimated to be about 16 years old, so it’s natural that she wouldn’t have the developed voice of an experienced singer. It was more believable to me.

And Gerard’s voice is quite impressive considering that he’d never sang professionally in his entire life and managed to pull off the role. However, more impressive than his singing was his acting. He totally nailed the Phantom persona, the man behind the mask and even the little boy, the devil’s child, hidden behind it all. When he cried, I cried. His performance was that powerful. You can feel his pain radiating off the screen as he played the Phantom.

The other characters were great as well. Minnie Driver is my favorite Carlotta of all time. She played the part of the spoiled Spanish diva well, and Jennifer Ellison was a charming Meg, Patrick Wilson a dreamy Raoul and the other supporting cast good too. I just loved it all, and to this day, the movie holds a very special place in my heart.

What’s your opinion of the 2004 movie?

Phantom of the Opera 30-Day Challenge – Day 19


Today is Day 19 of the Phantom of the Opera 30-Day challenge. Yay!

Have You Seen the 25th Anniversary Concert? If so, What Was Your Opinion?

Yes, I have seen the 25th anniversary performance, and I love it. I know there’s many critics of Sierra’s voice, but I actually find it very unique. Likewise, I love Karimloo’s smooth tone.

Part of what makes the 25th anniversary so special, though, is that it finally allowed many Phans who had never seen the stage version live to see it on DVD. Sure, there’s bootlegs of full performances, but they aren’t movie-quality crystal clear like the 25th anniversary DVD.

Below is stunning footage of The Mirror/The Phantom of the Opera journey to the lair scene from the 25th anniversary.

What did you think of the 25th anniversary performance?

Phantom of the Opera 30-Day Challenge – Day 18


Day 18 of the 30-Day Phantom of the Opera Challenge is here. More than halfway done!

Song with the Highest Play Count on iTunes

The title song, The Phantom of the Opera, is the one on my iTunes that has the highest play count. I know that might not make much sense since I say that Wandering Child is my favorite song, but I suppose I just listen to the title song the most. Lol. Part of the reason for this is because I like hearing the different ways different Phantoms and Christines sing it. I love hearing this song sung in various different languages, especially Italian.

Listen to the Italian version of the title song in the clip below.

Which song has the highest play count on your iTunes?

Phantom of the Opera 30-Day Challenge – Day 17


Day 17 of the 30-Day Phantom of the Opera Challenge is here! I’m getting it in earlier than usual today. Monday motivation, I guess. Lol.

Whose Part Do You Follow/Sing When Multiple People Are Singing?

This depends on whether I’m just listening to or actually singing the songs. If I’m singing the songs, then, naturally, I sing Christine’s parts since I have more of that female type of voice. However, if I’m just watching the musical, then I follow the Phantom’s voice. I love how smooth and darkly powerful his voice sounds.

The Final Lair scene, for instance, is one of those scenes where multiple people are singing at once, and I tend to follow everything that the Phantom’s singing more than I do Christine and Raoul (although by now, after more than a decade of being a Phan, I have all the parts of each character memorized by heart).


What about you? Who do you tend  to follow?

Phantom of the Opera 30-Day Challenge – Day 16


Day 16 of the 30-Day Phantom of the Opera Challenge is here, so on to today’s topic.

Line You ALWAYS Mess Up When Singing

What Phan among us doesn’t like to sing along to the songs from the musical? Whether you can sing or not, you probably belt out the songs in the privacy of your own home. I know I do and drive my family crazy doing so. Lol.

I pretty much have the entire musical memorized, so I can’t think of a certain line that I mess up on word-wise when singing it. However, I can certainly say that there’s no way I can do the cadenza part at the end of Think of Me or at the end of the title song, The Phantom of the Opera.

Below are clips of Sierra Boggess performing these memorable parts from the 25th anniversary DVD. The first clip is of Think of Me while the second is of the title song.

What part do you ALWAYS mess up when singing?