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Phantom Poetry on Smashwords – 50% Off Coupon Code to Celebrate!

I’m excited to announce that Phantom Poetry has also successfully made the transition to Smashwords. You can now enjoy it in epub, pdf, lrf, pdb, txt, html and Online Reader formats in addition to mobi (Kindle).

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Tell a Story Day – Mixie’s Morning: A Short Story

Today is Tell a Story Day, so I whipped up this short story for y’all in honor of the day. Today is all about storytelling in all its forms. You can write a story, vocally tell one or tell one through art. However you choose to do it, tell someone a story today!


Mixie’s Morning

The sound of a car door slamming outside caused Mixie to wake with a start. She popped her head up, her little black ears flopping as she did so, gave a yawn as she stretched her furry paws out in front of her, and surveyed the room around her. That must have been that one human leaving in that big thing the humans called a car. Mixie wasn’t sure what type of animal it was, but it had absolutely no personality and never wanted to play, so she stayed away from it. Besides that, the humans seemed really protective of it and freaked out any time she got anywhere near it.

She tottered over to the window with half-sleepy eyes. She could just peek out of it from her high vantage point on the bed if she took her nose and poked it through the blinds. Yep, that’s what was going on. Mixie turned around and gave another luxurious stretch. There was nothing quite like that deep morning stretch when she could arch her rear in the air. Another yawn and she bounded over to her sleeping human.

Two licks to the cheek. Wake up, human. Her human covered her face with her paws, which weren’t exactly like paws cause they had no claws and had splits in them to make what she’d heard the humans call fingers. Humans were weird, but Mixie loved her human anyway. They had fun playing together. Her human liked to throw these little squeaky things, and she’d get really happy when Mixie went and caught them and brought them back to her, and Mixie was more than happy to do it. It gave her an excuse to run. She also liked the way her human would stroke her head until she fell asleep, and that kibble food she put in her bowl every morning was delicious. Speaking of which, she was getting hungry.

A couple more licks—this time to the chin. Her human rolled over, and Mixie sat back on her haunches, head cocked to the side, contemplating. Sometimes her human didn’t want to get up right away, but Mixie knew it was morning and that her human needed to get up, so she crept around to the top of her human’s head and walked through her curly fur. That was another weird thing about humans. They didn’t have fur all over their bodies like Mixie did. Instead, their fur grew down from the tops of their heads. Mixie wondered how they kept the rest of their bodies warm, and that’s part of why she always took time to lay on her human a lot. She got cold and needed Mixie’s fur to keep her warm.

An affectionate nip to the top of her human’s ear. Her human groaned, “Mixieeee,” and finally fluttered her eyes open. There you go. That’s it. Mixie planted licks all over her human’s face with enthusiasm and wagged her tail. Yay! She’s up! Mission accomplished! Her human laughed and hugged Mixie to her chest. Mixie nuzzled her neck and then started to wiggle away. Oh, not too tight, human. I haven’t tinkled yet this morning. She freed herself and jumped back as her human sat up doing her own morning stretches. Mixie sat wagging her tail patiently, waiting for her human to pick her up and place her on the floor. Sure, she could always jump off the bed, but she’d done that one time, and it was a really big leap and kind of scary. If her human was willing to pick her up and place her gently on the floor, then she’d let her do it.

“Good morning, Mix Mix,” her human greeted her as she lifted her up, up and then placed her down on the floor, and then she was off, her little paws pitter-pattering as they ran across the wooden floor. Mixie stopped for a moment when she got to the staircase and looked back to make sure her human was following. Maybe she’d take her human for a walk today.

Maiden’s Blush on Smashwords – Your Book, Your Way and 50% Off Today and Tomorrow Only!

One of the biggest concerns I’ve heard from readers is that my book wasn’t offered in the format that they wanted. Sometimes us authors take for granted that everyone uses the Kindle e-reader when, in fact, many of you do not. Just because the Kindle isn’t your e-reader of choice doesn’t mean that I don’t deem you as a valued reader.

Fellow author and friend, Sharon E. Cathcart is the one who really put it to me that way. (For those of you who don’t know Sharon, she is an award-winning author of fiction featuring atypical characters. Check out her blog by clicking on the link above.) When I first approached her for advice on transitioning to Smashwords and if she felt it was worth it to make books available in multiple formats, here’s what she told me:

Kobo is the most popular reader outside the US (Kindle is still the most popular here). I use a Kobo reader myself, so when an author chooses KDP-S for their only distribution channel, it feels like I’ve been slapped in the face and told I’m not important enough to be in their audience.

I’d never thought of it that way, but it made total sense. Regardless of whether your reading device requires a mobi, ePub, PDF, lrf or other format, the book you want to read should offer it in the format you need. I believe it’s our responsibility as authors to make our books available to all readers and not just a select few.

Therefore, in the spirit of democracy, I made the transition and am overjoyed to share the news with you.  Now you can shop for Maiden’s Blush in ebook format at the following retailers (in addition to Amazon Kindle):

  • Barnes and Noble
  • Apple
  • Kobo
  • Inktera
  • Baker & Taylor/Follett
  • Library Direct
  • Baker-Taylor Axis360
  • Overdrive
  • Scribd
  • cloudLibrary
  • Gardners Extended Retail
  • Tolino
  • Odilo
  • Gardners Library

I hope that if you are one of those readers who prefers a device other than the Kindle that you can now enjoy having my book titles available to you as well. You are valued readers, I apologize for leaving you out for so long! Please bear with me as I make the Smashwords transition over the next month with my poetry title, Phantom Poetry. 

50% Off Today and Tomorrow Only!

In the meantime, please feel free to peruse my Smashwords author profile where I participated in a little interview for you, and to celebrate the transition to Smashwords, I’m offering Maiden’s Blush 50% off today and tomorrow only! Redeem this offer by going clicking here: Kayla Lowe on Smashwords, adding Maiden’s Blush to your shopping cart and then entering this coupon code: HB68C.

Excerpts from Phantom Poetry Featured on Review Site

Bobbie’s Pen & Muse is a lovely reviewer site managed by the friendly, yet positively critical, Bobbie. She reads and reviews books for fun, and she always offers her honest opinion. Therefore, I was extremely honored when she wanted to feature three of my poems from Phantom Poetry on her site.

Go check them out, and while you’re there, give Bobbie a follow and have fun browsing all the amazing content on her lovely site. You won’t be disappointed.

Phantom Poetry Available for Kindle Pre-order now!

I am super excited to announce that the Kindle version of my latest book, a collection of poetry inspired by the tale of The Phantom of the Opera, is available for pre-order starting today! Entitled “Phantom Poetry” and consisting of 3 chapbooks, the entire collection features more than 100 poems. If you order now, it’ll be auto-delivered to your device on the release date: February 1st. Although the paperback is not available for pre-order, it will be released the same day.

A Phantom-related book from me has been a long time coming, and after so much prompting from all of you, I have finally endeavored over the past year to put this together in hopes of tiding my lovely readers over until I’m done writing my latest novel (no details on it yet; it’s still a secret 😉). So without further ado, here it is, and I sincerely hope you enjoy it! The countdown to February 1st begins! 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹


Pre-order your copy here!>>>>>

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Christmas is a time of giving, so I’m kicking off December by giving away a Kindle copy of my book, Maiden’s Blush! It’s free from now until December 5th, so go get your digital copy if you don’t have one already!

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Much love to you all! 💕 💕 💕 💕

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