Kayla has always had a passion for writing and has been doing so sporadically from a young age. She began writing her first novel during her senior year of high school and succeeded in getting it published during her freshman year of college at Austin Peay State University. An avid reader herself, Kayla enjoys curling up with a good book just as much (if not more so) than she does penning her own stories.

Literary Acclaim

Kayla has received much recognition throughout her life for her literary endeavors. In addition to winning various essay contests throughout her high school years, she was also selected to attend the Tennessee Governor’s School for the Humanities at the University of Tennessee at Martin.

Throughout her professional writing career, she’s received the following recognition:

  • Yahoo! Voices Top 100 Contributors for 2011
  • Associated Content’s Top 50 Green and Eco-Friendly Writers

About the Sections on This Site

Christian Living

Christian Living is where Kayla writes about topics that pertain to Christian life. Some  of the blogs might be recounting experiences she’s had while others might be musing over God’s greatness. Still, others might discuss Christian news.


The News section of this site is where you can find out all the latest news pertaining to Kayla and her writing endeavors. Go here when you want to find out about new book releases, events and works in progress.


The Poetry section is where Kayla shares poetry she’s written. She features the Poem of the Day here as well as on her Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and other social media channels every day.

The Phantom’s Lair

The Phantom’s Lair is dedicated to the other passion that Kayla holds dear to her heart along with writing: The Phantom of the Opera. Not only does it invite fellow Phans to engage in discussions about the classic tale, but it also provides links to Phantom of the Opera-inspired merchandise and web content that Kayla loves and wants to share with others.

The Writing Corner

The Writing Corner is dedicated to offering other writers information on how they can be work-from-writers themselves. Not only is it filled with useful facts, but it also contains helpful insider tips that Kayla’s learned throughout her decade-long career of freelance writing. No matter whether you simply want to pick up a few writing tips or learn how to write your own book, here is where you’ll find the info you need.