U is for Understanding

One of the most common reasons why many people give up on reading the Bible is because they say that it’s too difficult to understand. Indeed, the Bible is a complicated text, and even the most learned scholars admit that they can’t fully understand the depths of it. You could study the Bible your whole life and still only scratch the surface of the wisdom contained within its pages.

What’s the point in reading it if we can’t understand it then? Well, the Bible is unlike any other book. As strange as it may sound, with the reading of it comes understanding. No, it won’t happen suddenly, but the more you read the Bible and pray for understanding, the more it will gradually begin to make sense to you.

Part of what’s so cool about the Bible is the way God uses it to communicate with us. We might read a passage one day and get a certain message out of it and then read it again months down the line and get a different message from it – something that we didn’t see before.

Ask for God to guide your reading. Express your desire to know Him better and to glean understanding from the Bible’s pages.

Everything in the Bible might not make sense to you now. But someday it all will. We have such a privilege that we can freely read the Bible. Study it to learn more. Its pages can provide you with beauty and comfort if nothing else, but when you couple you thirst for understanding with prayer, you’ll be surprised just how much more you’ll start to understand.

Blogging A to Z Challenge: U

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