S is for Saved

Jesus saves. You might have seen green signs with this message emblazoned on them. Many people put them up in their yards. What do they mean?

Exactly what they say: Jesus saves every person who accepts Him from eternal damnation.

How Do You Get Saved?

There’s oftentimes a lot of controversy over what you have to do to be saved. It’s more a matter of what you have to accept, I believe. You cannot save yourself. Jesus must save you, and He wants to save everyone.

However, when God convicts your heart, you must truly and honestly repent (feel sorry for) of your sins and believe with all your heart and soul that Jesus was really the Son of God, God incarnate, and that He died on the cross to be the ultimate blood sacrifice to save all of us from sin. That’s it.

While it sounds simple (and it is), it can be a difficult thing to truly accept and believe. Simply knowing the story of Jesus and saying, “I believe,” is different from truly believing it in your heart.

The Salvation Experience

I think it’s also important to point out that the nature of how salvation comes about is different for different people. For some, it’s a very emotional experience. For others, it might not be quite so outwardly emotive, but there is an inner shift, a quiet acceptance.

Seeking God

Only you and God know the true state of your soul, but if you yearn to know God, all you have to do is call upon Jesus. Believe in Him, and ask Him to come into your life and save you, bringing you the peace that only He can bring.

Blogging A to Z Challenge: S

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