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N is for Nazarene

Jesus was oftentimes referred to as Jesus of Nazareth. He was known as a Nazarene. While he wasn’t born in Nazareth, his family did eventually settle there.

What exactly is a Nazarene then? Rather than simply referring to the place, Nazareth, a Nazarene refers to a certain group of people.

Check out the following link to read all about who the Nazarenes were and why they were termed such: The Ancient Nazarenes.

Nazareth is still a city today made up various peoples, a large number of which are Christians of many denominations.

I would love to visit Nazareth one day. Can you imagine walking along the same earth Jesus walked?

Have you visited Nazareth? Please feel free to share below if you have.

Blogging A to Z Challenge: N


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