Phantom Phriday – The Phantom’s Hideout

We’ve all experienced the despair as Phans of not having enough people around us who want to talk all things Phantom 24/7. Nothing is more disheartening than when you make a witty Phantom reference and your “normal” friends look at you blankly. Sometimes we just need to be with some of our own kind – you know, the ones who get our love for The Phantom of the Opera. There’s a special place for Phans like us: THE PHANTOM’S HIDEOUT.

THE PHANTOM’S HIDEOUT is a group on Facebook that welcomes all Phantom Phans. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a fan of the 2004 film or a Phan of the original novel or any other adaptation. All adaptations are welcome.

My friend, Lisa Gomez, created the group as a place for Phans to hang out and share pictures, videos, books and other content related to the tale. It’s also a great place to simply start up a random discussion, such as why you think a certain scene went the way it did or why certain characters are the way that they are.

I have learned about so many other adaptations, actors, actresses and much more from this group alone. While I’m not always as active as I’d like to be in it due to time constraints, it’s always a fun place to drop in on when I have a bit of free time and am feeling Phantomy.

Of course, there are plenty of other great groups dedicated to The Phantom of the Opera on Facebook. I just chose to highlight this one today since it’s my personal favorite, and I invite you to join us in our group if you enjoy all things Phantom.  We have such fun there, and I guarantee you will learn something you didn’t know at some point or another while hanging out in there.

What are some of your favorite Phantom Facebook groups?

*Always remember to read the rules and guidelines for participation in a group upon joining. Most groups at least demand that you respect other members’ opinions and not engage in any bullying or hate speech. Violation of a group’s terms can get you placed on probation or thrown out of the group altogether.*

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