Writing Wednesday – Trixie Gets a Sister


Trixie’s ears perked up as she heard the slamming of something outside. She’d bet her last bone it was her humans back from wherever they’d been. She stood, gave a long yawn and took a luxurious stretch on the rug she’d been laying on in the kitchen while she’d waited for them to return.

Her tail gave an expectant wag as she stood still, ears perked, listening for the sound of footfalls coming up the steps of the porch on the other side of the door. Yep. There they were. She heard them clomping up the steps and talking.

“Just wait until Trixie sees,” the mom said. Wait until she sees what? Oh boy. Trixie’s tail began to wag more. Maybe they’d bought her a new kind of treat.

“Oh my gosh, I wonder what she’s gonna do,” Trixie heard the daughter say. What’d she mean what was she gonna do? She was going to eat whatever it was.

“Y’all let me see Trix first.” Her tag wagged emphatically at the sound of her name coming from her favorite human’s voice. Trixie was touched that he wanted to see her before anyone else. She felt that way too.

Just then the door opened, and there he was. Trixie jumped up and down, barking at him enthusiastically to let him know just how much she’d missed him. He scooped her up in his arms and started petting her, telling her what a good girl she was. Yes, I know all that. Now where’s the new treats? She peeked over his shoulder to look back at the two female humans and then stilled at what she saw.

Instead of a bag from the store, in the daughter’s arms was something that looked like…Wait a minute…was that fur? As if in answer, the bundle stirred and gave a soft “yip.”

Trixie sniffed the air, and her suspicions were confirmed. Another animal. No, not just another animal. Another dog. Her heart dropped within her. Why had her humans gotten another dog? Were they replacing her? Had she done something wrong?

She put her paw on her favorite human’s shoulder and reared back to peer into his face, looking for answers. How could you? 

She began kicking to be set down on the floor, and he obliged while saying soothingly, “Now, look, Trixie. It’s just another puppy. We still love you.”

The daughter walked towards her, holding the black fur out to her. Trixie saw the creature’s eyes looking at her curiously, and she reared back as its scent assaulted her. Stinky thing. It certainly did not have the good, clean dog smell that Trixie so prided herself on. “Trixie,” the daughter said proudly, “meet Mixie.”

Trixie jerked her head back around. Mixie? What? They gave this mutt a name almost just like hers? The daughter held the black furball out more, moving her closer to Trixie, and Trixie voiced her displeasure with a low growl.

“Aw, come on, Trix,” the daughter pleaded. “Don’t be like that.” Trixie growled again, lower this time. It was bad enough they brought that thing into her domain, but to give it a name so similar to hers? Talk about adding insult to injury. Trixie didn’t know what the insipid human expected her to do with the pup, but she swore if she put that thing close to her again, she was going to…

“Okay, that’s enough,” the male human said, moving to take the black fur from his daughter’s arms. She watched as the pup reached up to lick his cheeks.

That did it! Trixie turned tail and went underneath the table where she laid down and glared out at the four of them. They began to beg and plead with her to come out. No, no. They’d made their choice. She wasn’t enough for them. They had to bring in an intruder. Well, she was having none of it, especially after her male human had let that impostor lick him when she herself hadn’t even done so yet.

Trixie cut her eyes as she sized it up. What was it anyway? It wasn’t any sort of breed she recognized. Certainly not of the royal Pomeranian line she came from. I mean, look at its fur – if  you could even call that matted up mess fur. It didn’t look fluffy like Trixie’s, and Trixie bet it wasn’t as luxuriously soft as hers either. Its fur hung limply down its back in straight lines. It looked more like human hair than animal fur. Trixie wrinkled her nose as she was assaulted by its smell again. Putrid. Trixie didn’t know where they’d gotten this thing, but it was going to stink up the whole house with its revolting scent. None of them would be able to stand living there after long.

The daughter placed it on the floor and oohed and ahhed over it as it pitter-pattered around on its tiny paws. So it could walk. Big deal. Trixie fumed.

“Who’s the cutest little yorkiepoo in the world? You are! You are!” the daughter crooned to it.

Trixie thought she was going to be sick, and then her brows furrowed as what the human called it registered. Yorkiepoo? Yorkiepoo! She was right then! It was a mutt! A filthy half-breed. Trixie narrowed her eyes as she thought of ways to eliminate the intrusion on her happy life. There was only room for one dog in this house, and that dog was going to be her.

“Come on, Trix,” the daughter tried again to supplicate to her. “She’s your new sister.”

Sister? Sister! Trixie ran out from under the table barking furiously. That mutt would never be related to her. To even suggest that it was on the same level as her was ludicrous! It didn’t even have a pedigree for crying out loud!

The puppy started skipping up to Trixie, it’s tongue hanging out of its mouth stupidly. Before it reached her, the daughter grabbed the mutt up in her arms and held it to her chest while the stupid thing tried to get down. Trixie guessed the human was afraid she’d bite the dumb mutt, and good thing she’d grabbed her because Trixie just might have.

She watched the pup continue to struggle to get down. Moron. The stupid mutt obviously didn’t realize yet that Trixie hated it. That was okay.  Give them time to make their proper introductions, and she’d make  her intentions known.

“I think we need to just give her some time and some space,” the mother human said.

Trixie huffed. They could give her all the time and space in the world. That mutt would never be her sister. In fact, she decided that from that moment on she would refuse to acknowledge the mutt’s existence. She wouldn’t get anywhere near it or have anything to do with it. To heck with introductions. She wouldn’t speak to it. She’d simply act like it didn’t exist, and she wouldn’t be the same happy dog that her humans were used to either. She knew they liked for her to wag her tail and be a good girl, but until they got rid of that mutt, she was going to ignore them all.

They would have to make a choice. It was her or the mutt. Let the games begin.

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