Phantom Phriday – The Phantom’s Lair Jewelry Collection by Saturdaychic

For today’s Phantom Phriday, I chose to spotlight one of my fave Phantom shops. It’s an Etsy shop where cartoonist Stephanie Piro (a.k.a. saturdaychic) showcases her love for The Phantom of the Opera by creating beautiful POTO-inspired jewelry.

Quality Craftsmanship

Every Phangirl needs a piece of Phantom jewelry to wear, and Stephanie’s creations are not only beautiful, but they are high-quality, handcrafted pieces that hold up. Nothing is more irritating to me than buying a piece of jewelry only to have all the charms fall off or the chain break. Stephanie’s jewelry doesn’t do that. She makes it all with quality materials, and her creations are unique.

Unique Pieces

When you get a piece of jewelry from Stephanie, oftentimes it’s an original creation with no others like it out there. On occasion, she will make more than one of a popular piece, and you can solicit commissions from her. A word of advice, though: there’s only one Stephanie, so if you want to commission a piece as a gift for Christmas or an upcoming holiday, put your order in early so that she has time to get them made and shipped out to you by the day you want them.

I have several pieces from Stephanie. The first one I got by winning a Valentine’s Day contest she ran. Stephanie’s shop is fun in that she occasionally does giveaways and hosts interactive activities to get her customers involved. I loved the first piece so much that I bought one, and then I was gifted some by friends. Below are a few pics of some of the pieces I have from Stephanie’s collection. I love the way she packages them, by the way. They always come in these pretty little bags and boxes tied with POTO-themed ribbons. Stephanie’s business card is always super cute too.

Check out Stephanie’s Etsy shop here:


While I’m featuring the Phantom aspect of her shop, she also has other stuff too sometimes. If you’re interested in something for another fandom or anything, just shoot Stephanie a message, and I’m sure she’d be happy to work with you.

Here’s Stephanie’s blog if you want to follow her for news and updates on any contests and giveaways:

3 28 10 steph image LR

Have you bought any jewelry from Stephanie’s Etsy shop? If so, please share your experiences and/or pics below.

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