Writing Wednesday – Trixie’s Family Comes Home


Trixie laid on the soft kitchen mat where she could keep an eye on the backdoor her family always returned home through. She hated when they left because she never knew how long there were going to be gone. She glanced over at her food and water bowls. She had plenty of sustenance to last her a few days, especially when she found it hard to eat much when she was filled with worry. She didn’t understand why her humans couldn’t just stay in their home with her where she could keep an eye on them and make sure they were safe.

She inwardly fumed at their insensitivity. How dare they leave her here all alone this long! She had no idea how long they’d been gone, but it seemed like forever. Okay, she knew it hadn’t even been a full day because she could tell by her biological clock that it wasn’t nightfall yet, but still. The point remained. She had no lap to lay in, and they knew she slept better when she was warm and curled up with one of her pack.

She stared at the door forlornly. She wasn’t going to forgive them for a while this time. When they walked in that door, they’d get no enthusiastic greeting from her. No wagging tails. No jumping up and down. She’d look at them, stick her snout in the air and present them with her tail as she walked away. It would serve them right and would let them know in no uncertain terms just how she felt about being left alone so long. They’d have to come to her, begging her affections back. Maybe after they coaxed her with a treat or two she’d relent. Her mouth watered at the prospect. She hoped they had plenty of those Little Caesar treats she loved left. Small, soft and meaty, those things were delicious. She wished they’d just fill her food bowl with those instead of those dry balls of dirt they called kibble.

Click. Trixie’s fluffy, cinnamon-colored ears perked up. She heard the doorknob turn and stood to her paws. Her tail gave a wag, and she caught herself. No. She said she wasn’t going to show excitement.

She heard the whoosh of the door as it was pushed open and counted her humans. One, two, three. Her tail began to wag with abandon. Oh, who was she kidding? She couldn’t stay mad at them when she was so happy they were okay. She ran over to them and began jumping up and down, barking. Hey, just because she was so happy to see them didn’t mean that she couldn’t give them a good chewing out for leaving her alone for so long.

Her humans laughed, and her favorite one, the male, scooped her up in his arms. She planted licks all over his face while he walked them to their chair. It was her favorite spot in the whole house. Her male human would sit there, and she’d sit on his lap. He’d watch some box called “the TV” (She had no idea why humans were so enamored with that box. She looked at it sometimes, but for the most part it was boring. Most of the time it just showed a bunch of super tiny humans moving around on it, but sometimes it showed other animals, which Trixie found curious. How did they get in the little box? It confused her to say the least, so she chose to ignore it. Besides, she had more important things to do.) while she napped and kept watch for intruders.

Her second favorite human, the male one’s mate, walked over to the cabinet where Trixie knew her treats were kept. She stood up on her human’s thigh and wagged her tail. Could it be? Yep, the female human turned around and said the words she longed to hear, “Trixie, want a treat?”

Trixie gave a jump and barked. Her favorite human winced as she jumped on his leg. Oops. She turned and placed a paw on his chest and she reached up to give his cheek a lick. Sorry. He patted her head, letting her know all was forgiven.

She turned back around to her other human holding out a couple of the tasty little treats she’d been dreaming about earlier. She gingerly took one in her mouth, laid it on her human’s knee and then took the other proffered treat and did likewise. Then she settled down to savor the little morsels. Trixie refused to scarf them down like some common mutt. After all, she did have a pedigree.

As she munched (Mmm…delicious. They were a mixture of chicken and something else she couldn’t identify. Heavenly…), she glanced over at the third human. The younger one, the offspring of the other two. She walked up and patted Trixie on the head. Trixie accepted the recognition graciously even though she was chewing. She looked up at the curly-furred human and gave a couple tail wags before turning her attention back to her treats.

All her humans were home, and she had treats. Life was good again.

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