Phantom Phriday – The Mirror of Eriksed

For today’s Phantom Phriday, I bring you a lovely meshing of two fandoms: The Phantom of the Opera (of course) and Harry Potter. Those of you who are fans of HP will remember the Mirror of Erised that supposedly reflects the deepest desires of your heart when you look into it.

I don’t know who the created this, but I found it on this Pinterest profile:

Whoever out there created it, if you happen to stumble across this blog, Contact me, and I will happily credit you for your phantastic artwork.

And it is phantastic indeed! When I stumbled across this gem on Pinterest, I thought to myself, What a clever idea! The artist expertly merged the mirror in Christine Daae’s dressing room (the one-way mirror the Phantom stands behind to give Christine her voice lessons from what she believes is the Angel of Music)  with the concept of the Mirror of Erised to suggest that when Christine sees Erik’s face in the mirror, she is really seeing the deepest desire of her heart.

I love the connection and the play on words, calling it The Mirror of Eriksed. Hehe.

Have you stumbled across any amazing Phan art this week, or have you created some yourself? Please feel free to share your links in the comments below.

And have a Phantastic Phriday!

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