Writing Prompt – Tell a Story Day

It happens to all of us. There’s always those times when writers hit a roadblock and think they’ve run out of things to write. However, there’re so many topics to write about. Maybe you’re just having a brain freeze and can’t think of anything at the moment. When that happens, there’re plenty of writing prompts out there to assist you.

For instance, today is Tell a Story Day. There’s a national day every day, and you can always have a topic to write about by following the National Day Calendar. The calendar tells what each day celebrates and how to celebrate. Today, for example, you can honor Tell A Story Day by telling a story. You can write your story or speak it, and one way to get a topic for writing is to write a story about your everyday life. On other days, you can write about the history behind the day and so on. It doesn’t matter what you write about so long as you write something to keep honing your craft.

Check out the short story I wrote for today on my author blog at the following link:

Mixie’s Morning: A Short Story

See how you can take something from your everyday life and write about it? In this example, I took one of my puppies, Mixie, and wrote about mornings from her point of view. Not only was this approach a great practice in personification, but it was fun to write as well.


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