Phantom of the Opera 30-Day Challenge – Day 27

It’s been nearly two months since I paused my participation in the Phantom of the Opera 30-Day challenge. As many of you know by now, my beloved grandmother was diagnosed with amiodarone toxicity and after a month-long battle with it, she died on March 11th of this year. I’ve had a little over a month of grieving and am now back to continue onward with the challenge. She wouldn’t want me to discontinue my life, and I know she is much happier and better off up in Heaven where she belongs.

With that being said, I’ll pick up where I left off on Day 27.

Your Favorite Cast Member Ship

This question is kind of difficult for me to answer since I don’t think it’s right to ship the actors themselves together. That’s kind of disrespectful to them, especially if they are in relationships with others. Therefore, I’m going to look at this question from the viewpoint that this means which actors are your favorites paired together when playing their roles.

Looking at it that way, I love Emmy Rossum and Gerard Butler as Christine and the Phantom, respectively. I like their chemistry and how well they played their characters together. Of course, I am biased because they were the first pair I saw play the roles, but they are always the faces I imagine for my Phantom and Christine.

Below is one of my favorite scenes of them together. You can see and feel the passion emanating from what was arguably their steamiest scene onstage.

What about you? Who is you favorite cast member ship?

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