Phantom of the Opera 30-Day Challenge – Day 25

It’s Valentine’s Day and Day 25 of the 30-Day Phantom of the Opera Challenge, so happy day to both!

Your Opinion on Love Never Dies

Oh dear. I know there are so many Phans who hate the sequel (I have one friend who renamed it Paint Never Dries lol), but I actually like Love Never Dies. Let me clarify, though. The storyline itself is ridiculous. It was based on the book by Frederick Forsyth, The Phantom of Manhattan, which was not one of my favorite books in the world. It’s been forever since I’ve read it, so maybe I should give it another shot before expressing my opinion, but I remember I didn’t like it when I read it over 10 years ago.

However, I love the music – all except that Bathing Beauty. I don’t believe the Phantom would ever have compromised his art to write such a silly song, but I digress. I also love the set. It is extravagant and wondrous to behold with all the Coney Island props. The costumes are amazing as well. Christine’s peacock dress she wears in the title song is simply stunning!

So overall, I am a Phan of Love Never Dies, although not like I am the original Phantom.

What about you? What is your opinion of the sequel?

One thought on “Phantom of the Opera 30-Day Challenge – Day 25

  1. Jessica Liew

    Personally I have never watched the show before. But I had heard some of the music like “Beneath a moonless sky” and “ Devil takes the hindmost”. I had heard many said this sequel due to the storyline being all messed up so I’m still preparing myself mentally before I even watch the show.
    As for the song “Bathing Beauty” that you mentioned above, I had never heard it before so I went to look it up online and now I can say with confidence that I don’t like that song!

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