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Phantom of the Opera 30-Day Challenge – Day 19


Today is Day 19 of the Phantom of the Opera 30-Day challenge. Yay!

Have You Seen the 25th Anniversary Concert? If so, What Was Your Opinion?

Yes, I have seen the 25th anniversary performance, and I love it. I know there’s many critics of Sierra’s voice, but I actually find it very unique. Likewise, I love Karimloo’s smooth tone.

Part of what makes the 25th anniversary so special, though, is that it finally allowed many Phans who had never seen the stage version live to see it on DVD. Sure, there’s bootlegs of full performances, but they aren’t movie-quality crystal clear like the 25th anniversary DVD.

Below is stunning footage of The Mirror/The Phantom of the Opera journey to the lair scene from the 25th anniversary.

What did you think of the 25th anniversary performance?



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