Phiction Spotlight: About Face


After much anticipation, the long-awaited sequel to Disfigured is here! Those of you who follow my blog might remember my review of Wendy’s first book. In that review, I mentioned that she was currently in the process of writing a second one. I am happy to report that the second installment does not disappoint. In fact, it was just as good as (if not better than) the first book!

The Synopsis

In About Face, we’re given more of the power couple we’ve come to love: Erik and Sylvie. They’ve built a life together, but when has life with the notorious Phantom of the Opera ever been easy? As you can guess, Erik’s past continues to follow him, and he must deal with it by making an impossible choice, a choice that threatens to tear him and Sylvie apart for good.

To top it all off, there’s another hurdle on the rise: another woman who’s hell-bent on getting her claws into Erik. Will she succeed, or will Erik and Sylvie’s love hold true?

The Verdict

I greatly enjoyed About Face. I’m almost tempted to say that I enjoyed it more than Disfigured, but I love that one too, so I’ll just settle the difference by saying they are both wonderful. This second book is filled with adventure and keeps you on the edge of  your seat the entire time. With a gripping storyline and rich imagery, it’s difficult to put down. Without giving too much away, I will say that I love how the author stays true to her characters while furthering along their story (which I assure you is no easy task). She treats us to glimpses of Erik’s underlying Phantom persona, and Sylvie’s brave, stubborn side comes out again and again when in the face of adversity, causing us to fall in love with her as a character all over again.

The Story Continues

As all good books do, About Face leaves you yearning for more, and, fortunately, Wendy is already in the process of writing the third installment in what she’s lovingly and appropriately dubbed The Disfigured Series. She gives us a sneak peek into Book III: Spirit of Revenge at the end of her novel, and I must say I can’t wait to read it. The title alone sounds intriguing…

The Author

Wendy is one of the sweetest authors you’ll ever have the pleasure of chatting with. She truly loves to hear from her readers, and you can get in touch with her via the following channels:

Her website:

Her Facebook author page: Wendy’s Author Facebook Page

My Note to Wendy

Thank you so much, Wendy for the mention in the acknowledgements of  your book! You have no idea how deeply honored I was by it. Also, thank you for quoting my little Phiction Spotlight review of Disfigured. I am so glad that you liked it and hope this one brings you some sense of joy as well.

To all authors, thank you for taking the time to write the books that you do and share them with us!

Fun Facts

I also like the fact that Wendy goes above and beyond in her author’s notes to offer us a bit of history into some of the research she did for her novels. She makes them factually correct by researching the period she’s writing about, and she uses plenty of French terms throughout her books as well, which adds such an authentic and charming touch, in my humble opinion. Make sure to read her author’s notes at the end of the book to learn more about the history of the time period this series is based in.

Also, the cover art for About Face was designed by our very own Phantom graphic design extraordinaire, Sharon Robertson. If you want to see more of Sharon’s designs or want to commission one of your own from her, you can contact her via her Facebook link: Sharon’s Facebook Page

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