Writing for Textbroker: Claiming Orders

Once you’ve applied for a position as an author at Textbroker and have submitted your sign-up article and gotten accepted, then it’s time to begin writing orders.

When you first log into your Textbroker account, you’ll be presented with the homepage dashboard. The homepage features your profile and numerous tabs running across the top of the screen. Within each tab are links to different places within your account. To begin writing orders, you’ll be concerned with the ‘Assignments’ tab.

To see all the current orders available for you to write, move your mouse cursor over the ‘Assignments’ tab. When you do so, you should see several sub-menus appear below that tab. Click on the first option in the menu, the one that says ‘Show Orders.’



You’ll be redirected to another screen where there’ll be a list of categories and different numbers under sub-headings for each star rating level. The numbers under each category represent how many available orders are in that category to be written at that moment. For instance, if you see the number ’47’ in the ‘Business’ category under the 4-star column, then that means that there are 47 Business articles currently available to 4-star authors to write.


Click on the number within the category that you’d like to write about to view a list of all the available orders to choose from.

*Note that you can only select articles up to your star rating level. For instance, if you’re a 4-star author, then you can write 4-star, 3-star and 2-star articles but not 5-star ones. In other words, you can write below your star rating level if you wish, but not above it.*

A list of all the available titles will appear. Click on a title to read the instructions, and then either click the button saying that you want to write the article or click on the back arrow located at the top of Textbroker’s category screen (not the back arrow on your Internet browser).


When you click on an order title, you automatically lock the title for 10 minutes until you release it by clicking on the orange back arrow or claim it by clicking on the button that says “I Want to Write This Article.” This 10-minute lock is to make it so that no one can claim the article right out from underneath you while you’re reading the order instructions and trying to determine whether or not you’re interested in fulfilling the order.

Within the order headline, you’ll find all information you might possibly need to know (and some that you might not) about the order, such as what the maximum possible earnings are, how many words it needs to be, any keywords you have to use throughout the article, how many times you have to use them, the deadline for completion of the order, the client’s ID number and so on.

When you find an order that you want to write, be sure to claim it. *Please note that Textbroker only allows you to claim one order at a time. This helps prevent authors from claiming tons of orders and not fulfilling them or keeping them from other authors who need work.* 


Once  you claim an order, then you can proceed on to actually writing it, which we’ll discuss more thoroughly in the next article…Working at Textbroker: Writing Orders

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