Happy Anniversary: 29 Years on Broadway

It’s always easy for me to remember how long The Phantom of the Opera‘s been running on Broadway because it coincides with how many years I’ve been on this Earth. I was born in 1988, the year that the musical won its first Tony Award, so the show’s existence on Broadway is always as old as I am (or as old as I’m soon to be, as my actual birthday isn’t until August of every year).

The Phantom of the Opera isn’t Broadway’s longest-running musical ever for no reason. It’s captivated the hearts and souls of people not only across the nation but the entire world. Today on The Phantom of the Opera‘s 29th anniversary on Broadway, I wanted to do a dedication highlighting Broadway’s Phantoms. Check out the images below, and let your soul begin to soar!

1. Michael Crawford

michael crawford as phantom

2. Timothy Nolen

timothy as phantom


3. Cris Groenendaal


chris as phantom

4. Steve Barton

Steve Barton The Phantom of the Opera

5. Jeff Keller

Jeff Keller The Phantom of the Opera

6. Kevin Gray

Kevin Gray The Phantom of the Opera

7. Mark Jacoby

Mark Jacoby The Phantom of the Opera

8. Marcus Lovett

Marcus Lovett The Phantom of the Opera

9. Davis Gaines

Davis Gaines as Phantom

10. Thomas James O’Leary

Thomas James O'Leary as Phantom

11. Hugh Panaro

Hugh Panaro as Phantom

12. Ted Keegan

Ted Keegan Phantom of the Opera

13. Howard McGillin

Howard McGillin Phantom of the Opera

14. Brad Little

Brad Little as Phantom

15. Gary Mauer

Gary Mauer Phantom of the Opera

16. John Cudia

John Cudia Phantom of the Opera

17. Peter Joback

Peter Joback Phantom of the Opera

18. Laird Mackintosh

Laird Mackintosh as Phantom

19. Norm Lewis

Norm Lewis as Phantom

20. James Barbour

James Barbour Phantom of the Opera

And those, my fellow Phans, are the Phantoms of Broadway. James Barbour currently holds the title role, and if you’re wondering why there isn’t a Phantom for every year, it’s because some performers played the role for more than one year. Jacoby, Gaines, Panaro and McGillin, for instance, all wore the mask for more than one season.

Although I, personally, haven’t had the pleasure of seeing the show on Broadway, I have my favorites from the clips that I’ve seen across the internet and on the news. Among my faves are Hugh Panaro and John Cudia. (Of course, I’m probably biased when it comes to Cudia since he’s the first Phantom I saw back when I attended a performance of the 2006 U.S. Tour cast in St. Louis.) Not only do I simply love their voices, but I find their performances exceedingly emotional and heart-wrenching.

Who are your favorite Broadway Phantoms? Please feel free to post your thoughts and comments below.

3 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary: 29 Years on Broadway

  1. Erik's MIssy

    Of all I have seen on Broadway, I can’t choose between Hugh Panaro or Norm Lewis as my favorite. Norm is just a bit too baritone for my taste for Erik, but I love his acting in it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This Left Coaster has actually never seen a show on Broadway! (It’s on my bucket list.) I am, however, quite partial to a New Yorker who is referred to as the Iron Man of the Mask because he did so many performances when the show was resident in San Francisco (more than 5,000, if I recall correctly). That man is Franc d’Ambrosio. Link to a studio recording of “Music of the Night” here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8TLLIbjaH4


    1. I hear you, Sharon! It’s on my bucket list too! Thank you so much for that link you shared! Wow, he has quite an amazing voice! I can certainly understand your fondness for this particular Phantom. 🙂


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